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Corporate Communications

We see corporate communications as an essential element of any important corporate-driven initiative. GCOM believes corporate communications programs should be executed with the same level of precision and strategy as a make or break marketing campaign. Ultimately, these efforts most substantially impact internal and external perceptions about the organization's cultural integrity. Therefore we place a premium on linking short-term and long-term corporate communications programs to our clients' existing/future limited or on-going business objectives.

GCOM Partners, Inc. is uniquely staffed to assist our clients with policy development, training and communication strategies intended to affirmatively impact the change process. From recruitment to operations, GCOM understands how organizational infrastructure directly impacts everything the client promises.

On of the distinguishing capabilities our firm has developed over the years is a seamlessly integrated methodology to diversity that includes audit and assessment, education and training, and a start to finish diversity communications program. GCOM has a full service diversity consultation division with the capacity to design and implement successful diversity programs for ALL areas related to diversity including workforce, suppliers, executives and community relations.